KJV LightBible Words and Their Meanings


There are a lot of different ways one can look at the Bible.  I prefer the Harmony Bible, just the good and happy stuff.  I think I get way too much exposure to man's inhumanity to man in this life now, so I refrain myself from searching it out in the Bible.

However, it was only possible for me to put together this series by perusing the inhumane stuff in order to glean the scripture, like gleaning good grapes, and getting the fruit of the Word.  In so doing, I discovered a wealth of information based on a single word usage.  The Hebrew/Aramaic is a pundamental language.  Each word has at least 2 meanings; some have 4 meanings.  As such, there is no single definition of any word in the Israeli language.  This knowledge revealed to me how some ministers use the scripture out of context.  It is a tough language to interpret, as it has always been.  Even more so, now that the American language has evolved to where it is today.  So, I have left out what is perceived to be inhumane in the following renditions of the words used, according to the instruction of my Angels.  Each chapter relates to a letter of the American alphabet, and sub chapters are the words used in context by definition.  I am learning a more spiritual bible and share it with you here.

For the most part I have learned that "As a man thinketh, so is he" and  when one uses this verse "With the merciful, I will be merciful." that the reverse is true in the sense that GOD allows us to experience our own projections of Love or of the absence of Love.  This makes the psychological approach to mind dynamics quite real, as you will find both testaments point to the efficacy of this instruction.

The next page in this series gives a general list of words and how they are used, just as an example of how the series will read.  How I have learned:  Biblespeech  

After this will begin various usages of Biblical language with an emphasis on the spiritual values present in the Bible.  The 2 series dedicated to Biblespeech and Biblewords will be the "ZBible" and "Biblelight".  Enjoy! and peace to you and yours, mmg :-) Form: Comments are welcome