The Eye of LoveBible Glossary: Many of the words used by indigenous peoples, original peoples of the world, have meanings beyond identification association. With this glossary, I hope to convey the deeper meaning of Biblical names along with scriptural verses. The links on each page direct you to new sections. Please feel free to write me and share the meanings you may have, especially concerning the barren spaces in this document. Thanks for coming, Form: Comments are welcome Response Form.
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In Modern English (American)Word or NameDefinition
King James Authorized - I Chronicles 5:13 Godly choices of the house of Soulful parents are God is true, allied; given as a replacement, fullness, completeness, early or autumn rain (seasonal), GOD established, trembling, companion, fulfillment.ZiaTrembling
II Samuel 9:2 House of searching serves Souls empowered with a branch of spirit; Godly Souls empower spirit of Love which rules and speak "you are a branch" and equanimity responds, "your servant is peaceful".ZibaBranch
Genesis 36:2 Safety among mortals combine with the fertile nesting place, ornamenting the tree of life from the indigenous people; (and also combines with) the tent of the high place through the deeper mind for answers (solutions) and a little happiness.ZibeonLittle hyena
I Chronicles 8:9 Equanimity brings new light (knowledge) at evening, angels assist preparedness, extend safety, and rules the Soul. Luke 2:13ZibiaGazelle
I Chronicles 8:9 Equanimity brings help of fresh cycles of life, prepare for conflict, feminine grace and quickness, safety and rules of the Soul.ZibiahFemale gazelle
II Chronicles 17:16 Beside angels is GOD of mercy carries you an ideal of GOD is mindful of Souls that choose to interpret virtues of angel intelligence in the Law; combining conscious and unconscious strength to add value to mental processes.ZichriRemembrance, mindful
Joshua 19:35 God fences our energies in a narrow fortress and narrower. Matthew 7:14Ziddim Sides
Nehemiah 10:1 We strongly affirm a promise, written, and our leaders and union seal it (bind it); presently GODly Souls bound in this promise are GOD comforts, GOD encourages, Your excellence, wait confidently on GOD of Mercy, consecrated parts of GOD, freshness of GOD, answers and fruitfulness.ZidkijahConsecrated parts of GOD
Genesis 49:13 Elevated dwellings do well at the cove of the sea; equanimity is a cove for swimmers with angel powers around it.Zidon (Tyre / Sidon)Places
I Kings 6:1 Pass from mortality by following rulers with GOD away from fickleness; being spiritual, GOD's peace leads rulers with GOD in the second cycle of reincarnation and edify the Law within your members; the second spiritual cycle of life establishes the self as a holy place of GOD.ZifSecond cycle (2nd finite lifetime)
Not in King JamesZigBlossom
Nehemiah 11:21 Blending in with possessing peace does well with enlargement, revealing GOD through the deeper mind quickly rules above servants appointed to blend with possessing peace.ZihaThe face of the GOD of cave dwellers has spoken (GOD reveals through the deeper mind)
Joshua 19:5 Equanimity is wholeness and house of chariots (Jesus carries you) and stables (Jesus Mansion).ZiklagEquamimity is wholeness
Genesis 4:19 A powerful Soul unites with double supply; adornment or ornaments and shadow (inner and outer).ZillahShadow
Not in King JamesZillelhaiGOD of mercy is a shadow
Numbers 8:20 My GOD is my eye, GOD is my discretion and my GOD is GOD.ZilthaiGOD is my discretion
Genesis 30:10 Wildness sees that the works of GOD carry analysis. Wisdom makes personal concerns a gift to increase help.ZilpahShort nosed (discreet)
I Chronicles 6:20 Being expelled are: white (clarity) is a spiritual idea, God will grab up is a spiritual ideal, God of Mercy has resolve(d).ZimmahGOD of mercy has considered or resolved
Not in King JamesZimianCelebrated in song; famous; mountain goat
Genesis 25:2 Wisdom carries to Inner Angels celebration in song, attractiveness, erudition, balance, excellence and completeness.ZimranCelebraton in song
I Chronicles 9:42 Life in equanimity brings resolve which leads to sacred spaces in the heart and mind and adds longevity, praise of GOD and reinforces loyalty (to GOD).ZimriGOD helped; GOD is my protection; GOD is my praise
Numbers 13:21 Truly, Godly Souls rise up and analyze the mind from a position of many thoughts bringing clarity to broad and open places as thoughts enter fortress of GOD.ZinPlain
I Chronicles 11:5 They trod the Earth under foot, speaking to voice Love, Love takes the castle (safe from intrusion) in the fortress of GOD and is the energy of Love.ZionFortress of GOD
Joshua 15:54 Slide into the holy city which is a small community.ZiorSmallness
I Samuel 26:2 Spiritual searches rise and fall in the unconscious and flows, possessing the mortal awareness of rulers with GOD to seek love flowing from within.ZiphFlowing
I Chronicles 4:16 Holy ideals of GOD shines forth; flowing, and flowing, respect, and GOD rejoices.ZiphahFlowing
Genesis 46:16 Godly Souls of good fortune are purity, festive, protected, open, watchful, humpbacked (humble) and GOD's town.Ziphion /Ziphron /ZiphrimPurity
Judges 11:25 Are you better than the sorrow of idolatry, offspring of petty ideas, ruler of sperm? Did equanimity ever strive against rulers with GOD? Did Equanimity ever fight against Godly Souls?ZipporLittle bird; petty ideas
Exodus 2:21 Drawing the inner to shine outward happily does well with mentality and equanimity gives drawing the inner to shine outward telepathic thoughts of spiritual fertility.ZipporahSmall bird, sparrow, ideas
New Living - Daniel 3:5 When you hear the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp, pipes, and other instruments, bow to the ground to worship rules of height protects pure laws.Zither30 - 40 stringed instrument
Exodus 6:22 Godly ideals of GOD is strong are: GOD is the Soul holding GOD's treasures and Equanimity is my protection.Zithri / SithriEquanimity is my protection
I Chronicles 4:37 Brightness is an ideal of plenty, an idea of strength, an ideal of GOD performing merciful deeds, an ideal of personal protection, an ideal of GOD hears with mercy.ZizaShining; brightness
Isaiah 30:4 Lead the inner mind with angel intelligence to enter the gentleness of GOD.ZoanInner mind, self, Soul
Genesis 14:2 Conflict with evil rules crumbling and bitterness rules the beast or animal consciousness. GOD is the light rules physical uncleanness and equity with beauty (added) rules derision and ruling the unknowing is small (petty).ZoarSmall, petty
II Chronicles 18:9 Presently, humility rules restriction and perceives that love enlightens all the servants of strength, helping to rule stress.ZobahBattle, Conflict, Stress
I Chronicles 4:8 Thorn (protection) brings spiritual protection (hair protects skin) with inner child and relative values of ideals of exaltation.ZobebahInner Child
Exodus 6:15 Godly ideals of perception are day of GOD, on the right, unity, GOD establishes splendor and asked of Godly ideals of domestic tranquility of the inner mind; Godly Souls are relatives of perception.ZoharSplendor; witness
I Kings 1:9 GOD is Law swings followers around creeping one(s) (predators) near spring of the fuller (cleanliness) and empowers spiritual friends, ruling ideas and all minds of praise GOD of mercy which serve spiritual rules.ZohelethCreeping one; sliding serpent stone
I Chronicles 4:20 Godly ideals of salvation are surrounding wildness and uncultivated thoughts.ZohethSurrounding wildness
I Chronicles 7:36 GODly ideals of inexhaustible supply are cover the entire range of panting (breath) opposing mortal consciousness, wellness and bitterness.Zophah / ZopharCruse; inexhaustible supply
I Chronicles 6:26 GOD creates Holy ideals of sweetness and descent, rest, quietness, pure, clear are Holy ideals.ZophaiHoney comb
Numbers 23:14 Equanimity brings Spirit into the vigilant mind, rises above divisiveness and establishes fulfillment of prayer and offers domstic tranquility in every choice.ZophimWatchers
I Chronicles 4:2 GOD of mercy has seen ideals of courage bringing GOD's choices to hold (you) and GOD will grab up companions slowly (gently). GODly Souls possess relative values of swarming.ZorahWasps, hornets
Joshua 15:33 In the valley, for an oracle, GOD sees humility, and prayer.ZoreahGOD sees humility
Numbers 1:8 Employment given by GOD is God's ideal of youthfulness.ZuarYoung, small
Genesis 14:5 In the effortless age, the sons of GOD and rulers put ghosts in conflict and voices of ignorance in warmth and those who manipulate fear in the unknowing thoughts to stop or cease (their doings) in the bardo.ZumzimmsManipulate fear
I Samuel 1:1 Present sureness in the mind above crudeness and climb fruitfully with the power of GOD's creation in the word of mercy in equanimity which is the ideal of GOD's gentleness, the ideal of whispering sweetness a fruitful idea. 9:5 Enter the paths of sweetness and desire spiritual service with angels.ZuphHoneycomb
Numbers 31:8 Godly Souls reduce struggle and rest with ease which empowers desire, creative intelligence, sweetness, cleanliness, and luxury which rules above stress which give laws that idealize contention. ZurRock
Numbers 3:35 God's chief of God's house of parenting of relatives of bitterness are GOD is a rock, God's ideal of my Father is a terror (very deep); Godly Souls rest on the illumined part of the tabernacle.ZurielGOD is a rock
Numbers 7:36 Easiness illumines GOD is my wholeness, Almighty is a rock leads followers of gifts of perception.ZurishaddaiThe Almighty is a rock
Genesis 14:5 In the effortless age, the sons of GOD and rulers put ghosts in conflict and voices of ignorance in warmth and those who manipulate fear in the unknowing thoughts to stop or cease (their doings) in the bardo.ZuzimsManipulate fear

Zorobabel: zor is inferred from Zu - young, and zo - small, babel is confusion

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