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In Modern English (American)Word or NameDefinition
Not in King JamesJY; GOD; IAM
I Chronicles 1:42 The sons of piling up (hoarding); afraid, and trembling, and equanimity goes fast.Jaakan / JakanTo be fast
I Chronicles 4:36 To Perfect GOD are my eyes and may equanimity protect, and GOD is Savior, and GOD of Mercy performs, and an ornament is GOD, and GOD of Mercy places, and GOD of Mercy has built (edified). JaakobahMay Equanimity protect
Ezra 2:56 Godly followers of growing and producing with spiritual aid and care; Godly followers of hardness (fidelity); Godly followers of praise.Jaala / JaalahFemale ibex/ wild goat/ growing or produced without human aid or care
Genesis 36:5 Godly ideas of the halo of heaven are creative intelligence of solutions in union with a little joy (sense of humor) and wisdom carries to safety among mortals the help of equanimity and fleetness of foot when the mind is open.Jaalam / JalamTheir ibex or mountain goat
I Chronicles 5:12 GOD is GOD is chief and Covers progress, may equanimity respond and establish peace with preservation.Jaanai / JanaiMay Equaminty answer me
New American Standard - Psalm 132:5, 6 Notice, we perceive Fruitfulness; we find (a place for the Lord) in the many thoughts of the mind.JaarForest
II Samuel 21:19 Conflict of obstacles behind with refinements, Father GOD is gentle, an ideal of unconscious patterns, angel intelligence in the subconscious divides ominous companions with spirit, the Soul shines through with a glorious pattern.Jaare OregimForests of the weavers
New American Standard - I Chronicles 8:27 GOD of mercy plants many ideas of inner GOD is God, Remembrance, mindful are Godly ideals of Equanimity uncovers mercyJaareshiahGOD of mercy plants (forests)
King James Authorized and New American Standard - Ezra 10:37 Gift of GOD, my gift and made by an angel.Jaasau / JaasuMade by an Angel
I Chronicles 27:21 Some attributes of remembering good in rough times, GOD adorns the Soul, an ideal of GOD of mercy remembers proper ability in you and GOD's ideal is a lamp to you.JaasielGOD makes
Ezekiel 11:1 More, the spirit lifted me up and carried me to the primary entrance (Genesis 3:24) of the House of the Law of Love which sees rising Souls and Notice, at the opening of the Soul is conscious fulfillment in the Soul: GOD of mercy hears is an ideal of One Soul possesses help and GOD of mercy delivers is an ideal That GOD of Mercy has established youthfulness for all people.JaazaniahGOD of Mercy hears
Numbers 32:34, 35 Followers of Goodness establish Intellectual prowess, help self expression, and allows equanimity to assist one's success.Jaazer / JazerMay Equanimity help
I Chronicles 24:26 Godly ideals of bitterness are cunning strategies and drawing them out into manifest destiny which are ideals of GOD of mercy nourishing Angel Intelligence.JaaziahGOD of mercy nourishes
I Chronicles 15:18 Next to GOD are companions of the Soul: GOD remembers ideals of GOD, power of highness, angel society, answers, GOD is father, GOD of mercy establishes, Work of GOD of Mercy, Gift of GOD, GOD delivers, GOD of mercy creates, serving man, and GOD heals Godly servants.JaazielGOD
Genesis 4:20 Decorum brings dreams which establish a sedentary lifestyle of shelter and domestic tranquility.JabalDreams
Genesis 32:22 Equanimity rises above the flow of thoughts. JabbokFlowing
I Samuel 31:12 All GOD's valuable ideas rise and progress in darkness and tolerate seeking and similar ideas with firm quietness and enter dryness and are refined.JabeshDry
I Chronicles 10:11 All rough ways perceive the refinements performed through the Soul's desire.Jabesh GileadDry, rugged, dry place of Gilead; dry rugged place
I Chronicles 2:55 Families of writers do well with quiet quickness; GOD crowns perceptions with wood crafts. Souls are refined through the fortress of self and project the chariot (Ascension Vehicle) (Enoch disappeard in the forest).JabezHollow, depression, Equanimity hurries
Judges 4:2 The Law of mind sells the Soul in the ability of quiet understanding which rules the home, and rules domestic tranquility and chief in the ideals of the Soul is mediation that also does well in the multitude of thoughts of those estranged from GOD.JabinEquanimity understands
Joshua 15:11 Little gods are contained in their journey to GOD near henbane (poisonous stinky) plants and pass the climb to the Lord GOD where GOD edifies thoughts on the edge of consciousness.JabneelGOD builds
II Chronicles 26:6 Equanimity progresses in opposition to personal refinements and breaks down the wall of spirit and passes through GOD's teachings and slides into the aura smoothly and blends GOD mind with personal refinements.JabnehGOD builds
Genesis 46:24 Godly ideals of negotiating are: GOD apportions, hidden, adoption, equanimity shapes (or forms) and equanimity compensates.Jabzeel / Jahzeelite / JahzielGOD apportions
Genesis 46:10 Godly ideals of perception are day of GOD (Light), on the right (proper), unity, the GOD of mercy establishes, Splendor and Quest; the ideal of embracing home.Jachin / Jachinite / JakinYah established
II Chronicles 3:17 Equanimity raises up stature in the presence of blending both aspects of consciousness and empowers stability with resilience.Jachin & BoazEquanimity establishes and agile
Revelations 9:17 I perceive strength of domestic tranquility and Godly Souls rest with Godly Souls in domestic tranquility possessing fiery passions of precious fidelity and sulfur; GODminds of strength of domestic tranquility as courageous; speech of Godly Souls are spiritual, smoldering and igniting. JacinthTopaz/precious fidelity
Genesis 30:1 Followers see that Wisdom does not carry ideals to cheaters. Followers envy supply of creative intelligence and commands the increase "Give followers ideals before I depart."JacobEquanimity grasps the heel, Equanimity cheats, supplanters (heel); increase
I Chronicles 2:28 Followers of vigor are GOD is astonishing and ideals of inner knowledge is astonishment, generosity and firmness.JadaEquanimity knew
New Living Bible - I Chronicles 9:42 Equanimity holds parents, God adorns. God adorns parents concealment, Strong as death; Death is strong, GOD helped; GOD is my protection; GOD is my praise parents Offspring; followers. I Chronicles 8:36JadahYah adorned
Nehemiah 10:21 GOD delivers, the law is right use of the rules of love, and knowledge of wholeness.JadduaWell known
I Chronicles 5:14 GODly Souls puruse GOD within, an ideal of cleanliness engendered by suave mercy engendered by ideals of ruggedness, the ideals of truth of GOD and ideals of advanced in cycles of life, the ideal of GOD rules, an ideal which people scorn.Jadon/oYah rules, to be frail
Judges 4:17 Mediation functions in travels to shelter of high performances and helps friends refinements, here is peace in understanding quietness that rules domestic tranquility and companions of refinements.JaelMountain sheep / living in higher domestic tranquility
Joshua 15:21 Extreme energies of attributes of followers of praise GOD of mercy close to human beings towards the end of days are GOD gathers strength upon strength.JagurPile of stones
King James Authorized Psalm 68:4 Sing to GOD, raise prayer to spiritual power, extol angels that ride on clouds by spiritual power of GOD and rejoice in the Holy Presence.JahYah; GOD
I Chronicles 4:2 GOD of mercy has seen ideals of courage bringing GOD's choices to hold (you) and GOD will grab up companions slowly (gently). GODly Souls possess relative values of swarming.JahathGOD will grab up
Deuteronomy 2:32 Tranquil security opposes us with equanimity of angel energies to fight at any land site.Jahaz / JahzahLand site
Ezra 10:15 Only GOD of mercy gives ideals of GOD's performances and GOD of mercy sees ideals of peace in the light; work on this and rewards of fulfillment unite with Godly Souls.JahaziahGOD of mercy looked
Deuteronomy 20:14 GOD sees ideals of GOD of mercy remembers, an ideal of GOD of mercy edifies, an ideal of GOD's wholeness within; GODly ideals of GOD's gifts unite with ideals of equanimity binds together the spirit of the Law of Love within the congregationJahazielYah looks
I Chronicles 2:47 Ideals of GOD's leadership (equanimity establishes) are: Friends, GOD of mercy shows angels to be perfect, abundant freshness, liberty, inner mind, and balsam (smoothness).JahdaiYah leads
I Chronicles 5:24 Godly Souls lead parents estates the same as young deer are led, my Salvation is inner GOD is GOD is my help and allows GOD of mercy to edify; praise GOD and GOD rejoices in strong minds of value, great minds lead parents estates of GODly Souls.JahdielGOD rejoices
I Chronicles 5: 14 Godly Souls are followers of GOD's awesome power an ideal of cleanliness, an ideal of gentleness, an ideal of rugged, an ideal of Truth, an ideal of maturity, an ideal of joy of spiritual beings, an ideal of scorn. JahdoJoy of Angels
Genesis 46:14 Godly ideals of elevated dwellings are baggage master, tree of GOD, and GOD shows angel beings as friends.Jahleel / JahleeliteGOD shows angel beings to be friendly; equanimity expects GOD
I Chronicles 7:2 Godly ideals of crawling in the Earth are: GOD of mercy is strong, GOD provides wholeness, God sees, Equanimity protects me, and is a pleasant odor of the Law of Love, the power of GOD is exalted and leads GODly Souls of parents estates patiently and are minds of value with strength that succeeds talents of Souls in the light of love amounting to IAM powers.JahmaiEquanimity protects me

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