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In Modern English (American)Word or NameDefinition
Isaiah 1:1 GOD's supernatural appearance conveys a revelation of GOD Helps, GOD's ideal of strength which Equanimity sees concerning praise GOD of Mercy and possession of Peace in the light of GOD of mercy is might (strength), GOD of mercy has shown angels to be perfect, equanimity holds Vision of GOD [that] rules praise GOD of mercy.Esaias / IsaiahGOD is help
Ezra 4:2 Godly Souls enter Descendant (reduction) of confusion to GOD's leader of parents and states "Let us build with you: for we seek your God as you do and we do sacrifice to GOD since the light of GOD has given a brother rules prisons (bondage/binding) that captivates us". EsarhaddonGOD has given a brother
Genesis 32:3 Command them to speak with respect with a mind towards safety among mortals. Your servant increases and grows after staying clean; Possessing abundance and seeks gentleness in the eyes of men.Esau; IdumeaSafety among mortals
Genesis 26:20 God's gatherers of dragging away earnest endeavor with joyous gatherers say freshness is ours and equanimity empowers freshness as earnest endeavor.Esek Strife (ancient usage is earnest endeavor)
Joshua 15:52 Ambush (lie in wait from a concealed position), Silence; permanent settlement and I lean on.Eshan / EsheanI lean on
I Chronicles 8:33 Light breeds gifts and gifts bring quest (seeking) and Seers bring (more) gifts (GOD of mercy gave) with My King is salvation, My Father is Generous and Man of the Law (mind of GOD).EshbaalMan of the Lord
Genesis 36:26 Godly ideals of plainsmen are: Charm and beauty, dependent on ideal(ism), abundance and cosmetics (personal decor and hygiene).EshbanDepend on ideals
Genesis 14:13 (GOD is ONE). One told my father is exalted in the league that does well in the level grazing land and a companion of clusters (birds of a feather) and a companion of fountains (freshness) and Godly Souls are friends with my father is exalted (God on high).EshcolValley of grapes / cluster
I Chronicles 8:39 Godly ideals of strength's spiritual companion are leadership is first carried in spirit, Equanimity brings safety follows and GOD treats (an especially unexpected source of joy, delight, or amusement) angels with distinction is next.Eshek Oppression, strong
I Chronicles 2:53 The families of the cities of the forests: (energies of extravagance), the descendants of superiority, the girls gift helps the followers. Settle down and ask for guidance.Eshtaol /Eshtaul /EshtaulitesAsking for an oracle
I Chronicles 4:17 Godly ideals of Yahweh helps are remnant, rebel (transform), GOD of mercy lodges, and wisdom carries firm strength, (or bitterness), astonishment, and equanimity soothes that produces being heard.EshtemoaBeing heard
I Chronicles 4:12 Light of mind brings giants, lame, supplication and graciousness procreates clarity. GODly minds carry you. Matthew 6:27EshtonLight of mind, upholder of mind
Matthew 1:3 Praise the GOD of Mercy brings division and the sunrise of palm trees; Division breeds dependencies and dependencies bring exaltation.EsromDependencies
I Chronicles 4:32 Simplicity houses a predator's idea and invisibility, many ideas, measurement, sensitivity are Earthly energies: Predators are calculating simpletons thinking their ideas are hidden in the Earth, they act without sensitivity.EtamPlace of birds of prey
Exodus 13:20 Godly Souls tolerate traveling from temporary shelters and settle at a fort at the edge of consciousnes.EthamFort
I Chronicles 2:6 Ideals of Soul's rising; celebration in song, longevity, faithful, fast talker, and pearl of knowledge.EthanLong lived
I Kings 16:31 It happens that one frivously pursues failure; Equanimity contends in the Soul for justice (understanding) for the people, may the people multiply, GOD's ideal of GOD has regarded; equanimity marries the Law is the prince, the fertility of the law is with angels of places (atmosphere - Ephesians 2:2) and proceeded to serve idolatry (false beliefs)EthbaalWith him is the Lord (The Law is with Angels)
Joshua 15:42 Joshua 15:42 White (clean) smoke of incense and smokeEtherSmoke of incense
II Kings 19:9 Equanimity perceives quest for patience THAT rules considerate ones; notice, equanimity enters to quell mortal tendencies and progresses messages of visions of GOD. Ethiopiamasking / considerate,
servant / blackended faces
King James Authorized - Joshua 19:13 Continue rising from spiritual pressure and Time of the chieftain, turn to settle in the way of many ideals (of GOD).EthkazinTime of the chieftain
I Chronicles 4:7 Godly ideals of Jewelry for the neck are Splendor, Equanimity was light colored (quality of light - angels take themselves lightly) and gifts.EthnanGift
I Chronicles 6:41 Godly ideals of I will give (my choice), Godly ideals of sunrise, GOD's idea of Yahweh has adorned; GOD of Mercy adorns.EthniI will give
II Timothy 4:21 Do diligence and come before winter. Counselors greet you.EubulusCounsel
II Timothy 1:5 I remember genuine faith in you which do well primarily in your grandmother and your nurturer Victorious; and IAM persuasion in you also.EuniceVictorious
Philippians 4:2 I ask for fragrance, and request fortune that Godly Souls be of the same mind in the Lord.Euodia / EuodiasFragrant
I Chronicles 18:3 Love applies help of strength, rules over conflict, a fortress, equanimity stabilizes angelic dominion of freshness of GODly connections.EuphratesInterpreted as Freshness of Godly Connections
Not in King James EuroquiNE Wind
Acts 27:14 But not long after there arose against it a tempestuous wind, called Southeast wind.EuroclydonSE wind raising mighty waves
Acts 20:9 And there sat in a window a certain youthful mind empowered with good fortune, in a deep sleep: and as Godly Souls speak longer, Equanimity sinks down with sleep, and falls from the third loft, and assumed dead. EutychusGood Fortune
Genesis 3:20 And Adam called his wife's name Eve; because she was the mother of all living. EveLife
Numbers 31:8 Godly Souls divide rules of earnest endeavors beside God's rest of Godly Souls that were subdued; powerful desires, Maker of multicolored cloth, rock (firmness), white one, and lie down are leaders of earnest endeavors: False prophet and God's ideal of burning, Godly Souls divide with sharpness.EviDesire
I Chronicles 4:10 Equanimity hurries the God of Rulers with GOD "Bless me in performances and expand my horizons that Your Ability is strongly with me and keep me from limitation and restriction that I may continue happy. GOD grants spirit that which equanimity seeks.EvilLimitation, restriction, foolish
II Kings 25:27 It hapens that IAM captivates GOD of mercy establishes rules; praise GOD of Mercy in the cycles of life in the universe that false beliefs rule confusion.Evil MerodachWorshipper of Mardak
Genesis 46:16 Godly Souls of good fortune are purity, festive, protected, open, watchful, humpbacked (humble) and GOD's town.EzbonBare / open
Ezekiel 24:24 GOD will strengthen you is a sign: according to all that perfomances of Equanimity possesses, you perform: when Inner GOD enters, you learn that IAM GOD's Law of Love.Ezekias / EzekielGOD will strengthen
I Samuel 20:19 Triune beings travel quickly and learn invisibility.EzelDisappearance
I Chronicles 4:29 Serenity, inner self and generation.EzemMighty / bone
Genesis 36:21 Plainsmen and heroes judge deep thoughts and bring forth inventions for mankind.EzerGathering, pile, help, hero
Revised King James - Numbers 33:35 Followers of Rulers with GOD pass and settle in largeness of characterEziongeberGiant's backbone / Largeness of character
New American Standard - II Samuel 23:8 Godly Souls are empowered of strong minds of love, souls possess pity, clasps leaders and equanimity empowers Loving Luxury of God's sharp penetration. Truly infinity succeeds by angels simultaneously (all at once).EzniteSharp, strong, spear
Nehemiah 8:4 Help from GOD of mercy surrounds the being inner and outer with: gifts of GOD, linear perceptions, merciful responses, holy spirit, portion of GOD, works of GOD, redemption, humility, righteous judgment, GOD Mind and friends of GOD.Ezra / EzrahiteYahweh helps
I Chronicles 27:26 Above GODly Souls: OverSoul is in the Upper Earth cultivating the self with My Help, GOD's ideal of caged.EzriMy Help

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