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In Modern English (American)Word or NameDefinition
Hebrew Names - Joshua 18:21 Presently Holy Energies of the attributes of followers of proper ability in the order of pursuing relative values are cycles, temple of adoption, and a separate reality.Emek KezizThe cut off valley or valley of gravel
Genesis 14:5 In the effortless age, the sons of GOD and rulers put ghosts in conflict and voices of ignorance in warmth and those who manipulate fear in the unknowing thoughts to stop or cease (their doings) in the bardo.EmimFrightening ones
Luke 24:13 Notice, two Souls venture into that similar light to employ empowering missions, which is close to possessing your peace.EmmausHot baths; mission
Joshua 15:34 Divided areas of the springs of gardens of apples and quince and springs. (This can also mean "groves of apples and quince".)Enaim / EnamTwo eyes or springs
Numbers 1:15 Negotiating brings relative values of friendship which is an ideal of visions that provide refreshing.EnanEyes or springs
I Samuel 28:7 Quest speaks to spiritual servants, Find me a woman that possesses a familiar spirit, that I may go and enquire of her. Spiritual servants speak to spiri, Note, a woman having a familiar spirit at freshness of well being.EndorSpring of dwelling / settlement
Ezekiel 47:10 Seekers shall stand in positions of youthful persistence and similarly rise with twice the power of domestic tranquility.EneglaimSpring of the 2 calves, twice the power of domestic tranquility in youth
Joshua 15:34 Divided areas of the springs of gardens of apples and quince and springs. (This can also mean "groves of apples and quince".)EngannimThe spring of gardens
Ezekiel 47:10 Seekers shall stand in positions of youthful persistence and similarly rise with twice the power of domestic tranquility.EngediPlace of the young goat/ youthful persistence
Joshua 19:21 Heights with springs of gardens and strength of youth spreading; high places have beautiful sunny gardens with the newness of spring all around.EnhaddahStrong new springs
Judges 15:19 GOD digs into the mouth and freshness pours out and the spirit self is upifted and this is the power of freshness in the lives of the prayerful.EnhakkoreSpring of the caller
Joshua 19:37 Sacred places, mighty strength and freshness of self containment.EnhazorSpring of the enclosed village
Genesis 14:7 People go to waters of understanding (social norms) which is consecrated and cause all troubled ones to give trust and do well in clairvoyance (seeing clearly).EnmishpatSpring of judgment
Genesis 4:17 The acquisition of life combines with supply. The wisdom of supply conceives dedication and carries it. The acquisition of life builds one of many and empowers it as dedication, after the angel ideal of dedication.EnochDedicated
Genesis 5:6 Progenesis (after the beginning) exists into the cycles of the 6th Angel (end time) and engenders consciousness.  {The 6th Angel leads to the 7th Angel which is fulfillment, therefore, the 6th Angel leads to the end of the process in time - Genesis 4:3 - and the fulfillment is the completion of the process.}Enos(h)Consciousness
Nehemiah 11:29 Freshness of many ideas cool (settle) in heights (of consciousness)EnrimmonSpring of the pomegranate
I Kings 1:9 The GOD of Mercy is the Law enlightens domestic tranquility and work and insulates followers after GOD by the rolling rock (assimilating faith), which is the springing up of abilities and empowers friendliness in the law; all the minds that praise the GOD of mercy (are empowered) servants which rule ruling servants of rules.EnrogelSpring of the fuller / foot
Joshua 15:7 Limitations reach behind depression of restrictions and shine in hardness of karma prior to Earthlife passing and binds the freshness of GOD light to your function. (Karma is now and is relieved in Godliness).EnshemeshSpring of the sun
Joshua 17:7 Forgetting trouble leads to inner happiness, putting adverse things behind and presenting proper ability; such individuals inhabit freshness of what is highly cherished.EntappuahSpring of apple
Romans 16:5 Greet students in Pure choices; salute loving praise, Souls are primary creations of anointing of Christ Consciousness.EpanetusPraise
Colossians 1:7 You learn loveliness, our dear friend and helper, your Soul is a faithful minister of Christ.EpaphrasLovely
Philippians 2:25 It is necessary to progress you in love and beauty, my companion and friendly coworker and solid messenger; equanimity serves my desires.EpaphroditusFavored by Aphrodite
Genesis 25:4 Godly ideals of Balance are: hidden, sweetness of youth, dedicated service, my Father knows and GOD of Wisdom. All Godly Souls are offspring of the perfumed one.EphahHidden, Darkness
Jeremiah 40:8 Godly Souls enter GOD has done great things to watch, the same GOD hears, GOD's ideal of Given of GOD and GOD is merciful and GOD of mercy gave Godly ideals of openness, and GOD has proved angels rule, GOD's ideal of comforting and Godly ideals of thoughts dropping (quieter thoughts) and GOD of mercy hears, GOD's ideal of dullness (quietness).EphaiBird
Genesis 25:4 Godly ideals of Balance are: hidden, sweetness of youth, dedicated service, my Father knows and GOD of Wisdom. All Godly Souls are offspring of the perfumed one.EpherYoung deer / youth
I Samuel 17:1 Personal refinements combine a multitude of ideas to bring conflict in wildness and Praise GOD of mercy is between wild and cultivated ideas and ends reincarnation. Ephes-damminEnd of bloodshed
I Chronicles 2:37 A timely gift brings more gifts, and gift givers cause recipients to be gracious.EphlalNotched, cracked
I Samuel 23:9 Love knows seekers secretly practice mischief; Equanimity speaks to GOD of Abundance, God's service, bring divination.Ephodod Apron, divination
Mark 7:34 Looking up to heaven (the dwelling place of the Deity and the joyful abode of the blessed), he sighed, and said to Angels, "Be open".EphphathaBe opened
Genesis 46:20 Equity in the double mind carries GOD causes me to remember good and being doubly fruitful, which belonging to a goddess is the fertility of belonging to the sun which serves; the city of the sun carries the Inner Angel.Ephraim2 fruit land, 2 pasture lands
II Chronicles 13:19 My father pursues Equanimity, contend in the Soul for justice (understanding) for the people, may the people multiply and takes energies of angels house of GOD with surrounding industriousness and ancient ways with similar qualities and dust(y) (fine particles -how GOD created us) with relative values.Ephrain (Ephron)Dusty
Genesis 35:16 The followers of the Law of GOD depart and are submerged in the Way of Fruitfulness which is the House of Manna, Angel Food {spiritual sustenance}, where one fights laziness.Ephratah / EprathFruitful
Genesis 25:9 Angel ideals of Joy and GOD is listening hide the Inner Angel in the depths of consciousness in the Ideal of Splendor, the deeper mind, which is in the Presence of greener pastures.EphronDepths of consciousness
Not in King James, similar to I Peter 1:7 That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:EpiphanyAppearance, manifestation
Genesis 46:12 Godly ideals of praise the GOD of Mercy are protection, power, pleasantness, breach (separation) and the Inner Rising (transfiguration). Protecting power depart in the home; or, vigilance departs in the place of rest. Godly ideals of separation are mercy is a place of rest (camping place).Er Protector, watchful
King James Authorized - Numbers 26:36 Godly Souls are holy ideals of GOD helps inner GOD, watchful, wary, relative values of vigilance.EranOf the City, watchful, wary
Acts19:22 Equanimity (Archangel Uriel) progresses art and culture; both serve angels with love. ErastusBeloved
Genesis 46:16 Godly Souls of good fortune are purity, festive, protected, open, watchful, humpbacked (humble) and GOD's town.EriOf the City, watchful, wary

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