The Eye of LoveBible Glossary: Many of the words used by indigenous peoples, original peoples of the world, have meanings beyond identification association. With this glossary, I hope to convey the deeper meaning of Biblical names along with scriptural verses. The links on each page direct you to new sections. Please feel free to write me and share the meanings you may have, especially concerning the barren spaces in this document. Thanks for coming, Form: Comments are welcome Response Form.
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In Modern English (American)Word or NameDefinition
I Chronicles 6:72 Godly attributes of employment are consecration (to GOD) surrounded with fertility and serenity surrounded with fertility. Dabareh / Daberath Pasture
Joshua 19:27 Turn to ascend from the depths of consciousness (temple of many ideas) and reach doing well above with humility of opening to GOD; above humility is dwelling place of GOD.DagonLittle fish, dear
I Chronicles 3:24 Godly ideals of GOD of Mercy are my eyes are: Praise GOD, GOD leads back, GOD of Mercy performs wonders, protector, GOD is merciful, Enter path of GOD of mercy, Equanimity hears my desire through the cloudiness of my thoughts, fulfillmentDalaiahPath to GOD of Mercy
Esther 9:7 Questioning, sleepless and slain. DalphonSleepless
Acts 17:34 Faithful minds cleave to angel intelligence and experience Christ Consciousness and are empowered with domestic tranquility (heifer) and other Godly Souls. Damaris Heifer
Genesis 14:15 Equanimity divides forcefulness and follows angel intelligence in dreams into guilt which is the analysis of karma, and restores choices and goodness and creative intelligence - recovered the ideal of peace from splendor.DamascusKarma; hidden peace; domestic cycles of life
Genesis 14:14 My father is exalted took a trained army and chased them (angel ideas) into judgment.Dan Judge
Daniel 1:7 Abstinence leads to powers of right understanding and judgment, protects cultural leaders and reveals GOD's gentleness as one evolves in GOD light; GOD is the Soul possessing holy ideas sown consciously which help GOD's servants.DanielGOD is Judge
II Samuel 24:6 Godly Souls enter roughness and minds with portions of beauty enter discernment of waste and surround places (I Peter 3:22 and Ephesians 3:10)Danjaan Judge waste
Joshua 15:49 (Sloping energies include energies of humility) Protect productive, constructive activity and covers you from behind.Dannah Fortress
New King James - Zechariah 6:6 The one with the black horses is going to the north country, the white are going after them, and the Spotted, speckled, mottled are going toward the south country." Also Genesis 30:32Dappled Spotted, speckled, mottled
I Chronicles 2:4 Ideals of Soul's rising; celebration in song, longevity, faithful, fast talker, and pearl of knowledge.Dara, Darda Pearl of knowledge
New King James - Matthew 20:2 Now when he had agreed with the laborers for a Day's wages, he sent them into his vineyard. Also Matthew 20:1-15DaricDay's wages
Haggai 1:1 In the second cycle of Lord, GOD's rule leads to fulfillment; from the first cycle is the Power of the Law of Love enthusiastically seeing from within.DariusLord
Ezra 2:56 GODly followers of femininity in domestic tranquility are followers of fidelity (hardness) and are followers of greatness that Holy equanimity brings.Darkon Hard
Numbers 16:1 Presently, openness is GOD's ideal of shining peace, an ideal implanted in the Soul, an ideal of union with GOD beside Fountains of Life and Exaltation of our Divine Parent; the ideals of inner GOD is GOD and eternal light, an ideal of quickness with God's friends, and tolerating mortal consciousness.Dathan Fountain, warring
Mark 10:47 Equanimity perceives Branch of salvation and announces "Salvation, evidence of Love, possesses compassion towards me."DavidFavorite, beloved, love
I Timothy 3:8 Likewise must the deacons be grave, not doubletongued, not given to much wine, not greedy of filthy lucre;Deacon Minister, servant
Joshua 13:26 Reconciliation leads to elevated places in vigilance and plenty of ideas from conscious and unconsciousness awareness behind (learn from the past - GOD's ways are ancient) II Kings 19:25DebirBack, behind
Genesis 35:8 Seeking sweetness nurtures purity is buried in foundation of wisdom in house of GOD with strength and is empowered with strength in sorrow. Deborah Bee
Matthew 4:25 Following Angels are great multitudes of people from Galilee (incarnate heritage), and Decapolis (energy to the 10th power), and Jerusalem (possessing their peace), Judaea (praising the GOD of Mercy), and from beyond Jordan (humility and modesty). Decapolis 10 cities / energies
Genesis 10:7 Darkness reveals completeness, the beach (footsteps in the sand), the full day, GOD as merciful and enlightenment. The mercy of GOD reveals supporting the ministry of understanding and completeness or fulfillment.DedanMinistry of Understanding
I Samuel 26:12 A deep sleep from the LORD was fallen upon them. (Psalm 36:6 and 92:5) DeepPrimeval vibrations of frequencies of consciousness
II Kings 20:9 GOD is Help speaks: Shadows advance and retreat; a sign from the Lord. DegreesAscents
Ezra 4:9 Inscribe merciful appoint political officer little sunshine writes GODly peace of Souls companions, judge divisiveness, officials, secretaries (scribes), confusion, lilies, that is heights (or their heaps). Dehavite That is
I Kings 4:9 Godly ideals of penetration cut off places of foxes day in the sun and (provide) space in GOD's house of gentleness. Dekar Penetration, bored through
Judges 16:4 Equanimity loves embrace in calmness of mortal tendencies; powers of the Soul are covering all around (shines through aura). Delilah With long hair hanging down
Joshua 11:6 God's Law speaks salvation, cause love in GODly Souls; I choose deliverance in the presence of rulers with GOD; domesticate (corral) horses and refine mortal tendencies with passion (warmth). Deliver Rescue, save
III John 1:12 Belonging to the god of crops possesses a good report through all minds truly. We are witnesses and you know our testimony is true. Demetrius Belonging to the god of crops
New King James - Luke 20:24 Show Me a day's wages. Whose image and inscription does it have?" They answered, "Caesar's." Also Matthew 20:1-15Denarius Day's wages
Joshua 18:18 Pass by infertility or sorrow in the wilderness. Desert: ArabahMidbar or rift in desert seeds
American Standard - Psalm 107:34 A fruitful land into a salt desert, For the wickedness of lazy choices. Desert: YeshimonUnproductive land
American Standard - Jeremiah 51:43 Fertile energies become a desolation, a dry land, and a desert, a land wherein no man dwelleth, where no ideal of mind finds passage.Desert: Charbah Desert ghost town
Hebrew Names - Jeremiah 50:12 Your nurturing shall be extremely humiliated; Wisdom of the choices that sustain you is confusion: Notice choices that are the least of nations, a wildness, dry and empty. Desert: Tsiyyah Dry region
Not in King James Desert: Shamanah Terrifying land; GOD's destructive land
Hebrew Names - I Samuel 23:19 ... Love abides in the spirit self, spiritual intelligence in the strongholds of firmness, above nakedness, which is on the south of the desert (analyze emptiness).Desert: Negeb Southern desert
II Chronicles 34:8 Presently, the universe revolves by spiritual leaders (archangels); equanimity purges space and progresses covering, an ideal that GOD of mercy reserves wisdom in mercy which governs energy of GOD in the ideas of GOD's possessions designed to maintain the dominion of Light for spiritual beings. Design Cunning work, thoughtful work
Numbers 1:14 Happy fortune engenders GOD has added ideals of GOD's knowledge. DeuelGOD knows

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