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In Modern English (American)Word or NameDefinition
II Samuel 20:1 A false mind has Soulful powers of promise, an ideal of being first carried to proper ability; equanimity announces lack of love and loss of innate ability in the ideal of GOD's existence; Perfect rulers with GOD all turn their minds to concentrate on the angel society.BichriOf the clan of Becher; firstborn
II Kings 9:25 GOD is Equanimity speaks with a power; Angelic leaders take up and cast spirit in the portion of the mind of youth; GOD sows. Remember we travel after (pursue) parents companions spiritual projections; the Lord lays (our) inner burdens upon angels.BidkarWith a stab (effort/power)
Esther 1:10 At the cycle of fulfillment in the light, the essence of rulers is merry with spirit; equanimity controls scorn, barrenness, gifts of GOD rule the leaderless, providing victory (security and ease) with high ideals; archangels serve in the presence of pure peace which rules.BigthaGift of GOD
Ezra 2:2 Confusion descends (is reduced) with salvation, GOD comforts those under authority of angels, GOD of mercy increases spiritual energy, IAM GOD within, GOD's law of the Soul writes fortunes of mercy and compassion in ideals of grief. Matthew 5:4 Godly skills in the minds of people ruling with GOD.BigvaiFortune (good)
Job 2:11 Presently, physical beings are friends of opposition and perceive limitation and restriction in angels and enter from every place as my GOD is gold, my GOD is pure, of analytical thought, and love of the law of completeness, a vessel of pleasantness; Godly Souls meet and empathetically comfort angels.BildadThe Lord Loved
I Chronicles 6:70 Results of remembering good are youth surrounded by fertility, capturing the mind with fruitful ideas and are related to ideals of the Soul which is inner GOD. (Jesus 4 days with the 5000)BileamHe swallowed the people; he captured their minds
I Chronicles 24:14 GOD's path to fulfillment is brightness and fulfillment is tranquility. Bilgah / BilgaiBrightness
Nehemiah 10:8 GOD of mercy is refuge, bright, and serve as ministers of GOD.BilgaiBright
Genesis 30:3 Wisdom speaks: "Notice my servant is serene. Enter creative intelligence and wisdom shall carry my balance that I may possess ideas by creative intelligence." Bilhah Unworried
Genesis 36:27 Godly ideals of strength in numbers engender fear and trembling.BilhanAfraid; foolish
Ezra 2:2 Confusion is reduced with salvation, GOD comforts those under authority of angels, GOD of mercy increases spiritual energy, IAM GOD within, GOD's law of the Soul writes fortunes of mercy and compassion in ideals of grief. Godly skills in the minds of people ruling with GOD. Matthew 5:4BilshanTheir Lord; law of the inner angel law of the Soul
Nehemiah 7:15 Followers of edification are universal. Romans 14:19Binneri / BinnuiBuilt, edify
Genesis 14:2 Conflict with evil rules crumbling and bitterness rules the beast or animal consciousness. GOD is the light rules physical uncleanness and equity with beauty (added) rules derision and ruling the unknowing is small (petty).BirshaUgly
Ezra 4:7 GOD is brilliant in the dominion of right use of the Law of Love and writes peace and gives goodness of GOD in the authority of righteousness and Judgment and the inscription is permanent. Revelations 5:1BishlamIn peace
I Chronicles 4:18 Union with an angel, women praise GOD of mercy and carry slaves to procreate firmness; companionship engenders thorns of protection, and GOD nourishes procreation (dividing cells - cytology). GODly Souls are ideals of fertility of GOD of mercy, the fertility of a great house which tolerates change.Bithea, Bitheah /BithiahDaughter of GOD of Mercy
II Samuel 2:29 My father is a lamp and angel intellience in the mind travels in darkness with simplicity and pass above sorrow into the day and settles in both aspects of consciousness.Bithron Ravine, morning
New Revised Standard - Genesis 11:3 And they said to one another, "Come, let us make bricks, and burn them thoroughly." And they had brick for stone, and bitumen for mortar. Bitumen Slime, tarpit, mortar
Joshua 15:28 (Energies of praise GOD of mercy) Man haters (Oppose mortal consciousness), health of fulfillment and scorn of GOD of mercy. Jeremiah 1:10, 17Bizrothiah / Bizjothjah Scorns of GOD of Mercy
Esther 1:10 At the cycle of fulfillment in the light, the essence of rulers is merry with spirit; equanimity controls scorn, barrenness, gifts of GOD rule the leaderless, providing victory (security and ease) with high ideals; archangels serve in the presence of pure peace which rules.BizthaScorn (?)
Exodus 25:3-4 (0ffering) manifests prismatic consciousness with liveliness and refinements in the aura with stable thoughts.BlueManifester, Purple, Violet, Rainbow, Prism
Ruth 2:1 My pleasantness possesses friendly thoughts with fertility of husbandry, a strong mind of wealth, with relative values of my GOD is my ruler and the power of angel intelligence is lively and agile. Boaz Lively, agile
I Chronicles 8:38 Nobility engenders ideas on paths of fulfillment; GODly Souls are empowered with Inner assistance, carrying first GOD is listening, GOD's knowledge, serving GOD of mercy and gentleness; all are ideas of nobility. Bocheru Firstborn
Judges 2:1 Spiritual beings of the Law of Love come from spirals of hardness (persistence) and whisper "I cause you to ascend out of duplicity of consciousness and put you into a position of promise through your inheritance and I choose to keep my Word within you." Bochim Whispers
Joshua 15:6 God binds us to enter his house of caring for other people's children and passes (causes) us to rise to and cross into strength of a primary function which are Godly ideals of brotherly love. Revelations 3:7-3:13Bohan Thumb, big toe; Primary aspect of function
I Samuel 19:13 The Soul is like God takes an image (doll), and lays it in the bed, and put a pillow of goats' hair for its bolster, and covers it with a cloth. Psalm 112:5 Bolster Pillow, head of bed
Matthew 1:5 Coats (protective covering) engenders liveliness of domestic tranquility and leads to service of foreigners that praise the GOD of Mercy leading to (evidence of) GOD's existence.Booz / Boaz Lively
Good News Bible - I Samuel 30:30 To God's people employed in cursed for destruction, Pit of Smoke, Attack (Matthew 3:7)BorashanPit of Smoke
II Kings 22:1 GOD of mercy heals infinite cycles of life when equanimity rules and stability rules spiritual awareness with possession of peace. Angel intelligence of nurturing empowers darling of GOD with fertility of adornments of GOD of mercy with increasing fullness.BoscathSwelling
II Peter 2:15 Pursue the way of many wives, an ideal of contention, Souls bind you for lack of love, you punish yourself.BosorBurning
I Samuel 14:4 Within is gift of GOD of mercy, seeking strength of inner refinements, possessing sharp deterrents on both sides and being empowered with sparkling cleanliness.BozezWhite
Joshua 15:39 Puffed up with obstinance like a full round bottle.BozkathSwelling
Genesis 36:33 Temperance becomes the norm and preparedness, the ideal of sunrise (get ready for the day) from tents in the jungle rules over the social structure. BozrahInaccessible, jungle
Genesis 32:23 Equanimity tolerates souls and progresses GODly Souls above the stream of consciousness and progresses possession of stability.BrookSmall stream, also Valley
Numbers 21:12 ... Godly Souls settle in the valley of White Thorn (protection of cleanliness - free from anxiety).Brook of ZeredBrook or valley of white thorn
Genesis 14: 13 (GOD is ONE). One told my father is exalted in the league that does well in the level grazing land and a companion of clusters (birds of a feather) and a companion of fountains (freshness) and Godly Souls are friends with my father is exalted (God on high).BrotherSibling, allies, relative, companion
Ezra 7:4 The son of the GOD of Mercy has risen, the son of Strength, the son of the GOD of Mercy gives proof.BukkiGOD of mercy proved, GOD of mercy has emptied
I Chronicles 25:4 Faithful are ideas of faith, GOD of mercy refines, gifts of GOD, GOD is strong, GOD of the works of GOD, strong stomach, gentleness of GOD of Mercy, my gentleness, GOD enters praise, I possess exalted help and tolerate misfortune, equanimity causes a portion of visions. Revelations 1:10BukkiahGOD of mercy proved, GOD of mercy has emptied
I Kings 6:38 In cycles of gypsy behaviors during the harvest of eternal Souls, all aspects of the habitations of the possesion of peace are completed according to the power of peace and equanimity enters fulfillment of completing the establishment.BulHarvest month, harvest season
Isaiah 51:20 Your ideals are weak and fail at beginning of all paths, as a wild bull caught by the matador, your ways are full of anger; in the Law of love you are corrected by GOD Alone. Bull (par) Male cow
Not in King James, by reference: Psalm 22:12 Angels mental integrity surround me; strength of fruitfulness surrounds me. Bull AbbirGodly strength in men (minds) or angels mental integrity
Not in King James, by reference: Proverbs 3:8 It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.Bull shorProductive, strong navel
I Chronicles 2:25 Ideals of GOD shows compassion is first carried in the nervous system; high exaltation is carried first with understanding, then spreads its branches to strengthen friendship with GOD of mercy.BunahUnderstanding
Nehemiah 9:4 Standing up in the rise to serve are: salvation, edify, GOD leads, GOD comes near your building of holiness, builds a new generation and power from GOD of Mercy; speak firmly to the Law of the Light of the Soul.BunniBuilt
I Chronicles 5:14 GODly Souls puruse GOD within, an ideal of cleanliness engendered by suave mercy engendered by ideals of ruggedness, the ideals of truth of GOD and ideals of advanced in cycles of life, the ideal of GOD rules, an ideal which people scorn. BuzScorn
Job 32:2 Spirit of GOD within is stirred with ideals of GOD blesses scorners being similar to high exaltation (of scorn) against opposers of spiritual quickening caused by understanding angel beings in preference to GOD.Buzi, BuziteScorn, scorner

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