The Eye of LoveBible Glossary: Many of the words used by indigenous peoples, original peoples of the world, have meanings beyond identification association. With this glossary, I hope to convey the deeper meaning of Biblical names along with scriptural verses. This section begins with Atad and ends with Azzur. The links on each page direct you to new sections. Please feel free to write me and share the meanings you may have, especially concerning the barren spaces in this document. Thanks for coming, Form: Comments are welcome Response Form.
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In Modern English (American)Word or NameDefinition
Genesis 50:10 Crush thorns of depression when grieving with great sorrow and equanimity of inner angels allow spiritual parents to enter fulfillment of eternal life.AtadThorn
I Chronicles 2:26 GOD shows compassion possesses supply empowered with intellect, a Soul that nurtures vigor (positive energy).AtarahCrown, wreath
Numbers 32:34 Followers of good fortune continually build flowering thoughts. AtarothCrowns
Joshua 16:5 Results of pursuing being doubly fruitful (master freudian slips) in the order of relative values are the same boundaries within that raise you into Crowns of Glory to abide in the Upper regions of the deep things of GOD.Ataroth-AddarCrowns of Glory; Crowns of Light; Halo
Ezra 2:42 Followers which serve material goods pursue liberty, departing this world in brightness, protection, softness, courage with stability in the 4th dimension.Ater Crippled, left handed
I Samuel 30:26, 30 Love comes to curse destruction, contention and attacks.AthachAttack
I Chronicles 8:1, 26 Proper ability engenders peace that gives cleverness; GOD is our first light, GOD of mercy is our right use of the law of love that exalts the nature of Angels. John 1:1-4AthaliahGOD of Mercy has announced Exalted nature of Angels; GOD of Mercy is right use of the Law of Love
Not in King James: I Chronicles 3:9 All Godly Souls are ideals of love with ideals of helpers and reach above for answers and supply.Atharim / TamarPalms - Exalted fruit palms
Ezra 10:25, 28 Beyond ruling with GOD are ideas of youth, GOD of mercy provides gentleness, GOD of mercy is gentle and pure and exalted.AthlaiGOD of Mercy is Exalted
Numbers 32:34, 35 Followers of Goodness establish Intellectual prowess, help self expression, and allows equanimity to assist one's success.AtrothCrowns
I Chronicles 12:11 Time leads to the fulfillment of inner GOD is GOD.AttaiTimely
Ezekiel 30:17 Immature minds are wicked and force peace to show in the surface being but will be broken and their energies shall be arrested.AvenWickedness
Genesis 36:35 Preparedness becomes the norm and the ability to control fire (impulses), the idea of nomads (wandering alone or apart in prayer) removes stress in the heat of passion, rules as king and the power of this dimension manifests in the hut village, a sedentary lifestyle.AvithRuin
Not in King James, by reference: Job 28:7 A path which no fowl learns and which voracity has not analyzed. AyyahRapacious bird; voracious mind or thoughts
II Chronicles 34:8 Presently, the universe revolves by spiritual leaders (archangels); equanimity purges space and progresses covey (got you covered), an ideal that GOD of mercy reserves wisdom in mercy which governs energy of GOD in the ideas of GOD's possessions designed to maintain the dominion of Light for spiritual beings.AzaliahGOD of Mercy has reserved
Nehemiah 10:9 Union with GOD (also a meaning of "Yoga") combines salvation with GOD hears with merciful ears and builds on ideas of strength in gentleness and ancient paths to GOD (13 paths of Love in Kabalah).AzaniahGOD of Mercy Listened
Ezra 10:41 (Godly ideals of edification) are God helps, GOD of Mercy is compensation and GOD keeps you (safe)Azarel / AzareelGOD helped; GOD is help
Jeremiah 43:2 Help of GOD of mercy speaks ideas in the depths of the Soul and gives holiness; GOD lifts up minds to speak openly in pride against progressive ideas which are to enter the unconscious and abide there (introspect). I Timothy 4:16AzariahGOD of Mercy has helped
Not in King James, by reference: 2 Chronicles 21:2 Equanimity is friendship of Godly ideals of Godís judgment, GOD helps, God life, GOD remembers, GOD is Equanimity GOD is true, (Godly Souls are like GOD), GOD judges; all are Godly ideals of Godís understanding governs rulers with GOD.AzariahuSurrounded by help of GOD of Mercy which is Equanimity (hu)
I Chronicles 5:8 Equanimity surrounds ideas of calm strength, inner perceptions are ideals of Inner GOD is GOD, souls do well in flowering thoughts, the same is a habitation of GOD.AzazEquanimity is Strong
I Chronicles 15:21 Gifts of GOD are distinction, acquisition of mercy, lifetime of service, life of spiritual beings, and strength of GOD's Mercy are spiritual instruments in the excellence of infinite life.AzaziahGOD of Mercy is Strong
I Samuel 17:1 Personal refinements combine a multitude of ideas to bring conflict in wildness and Praise GOD of mercy is between wild and cultivated ideas and ends reincarnation.AzekahCultivated ground
I Chronicles 8:37 Seekers pursue followers that build wholeness with equanimity, an innate idea of GOD's action which is an ideal of nobility.AzelNoble
Not in King JamesAzemMighty bone, firm strength
Not in King JamesAzgadGood fortune is Strong
Not in King JamesAzizaStrong one
I Chronicles 9:42 Life in equanimity brings resolve which leads to sacred spaces in the heart and mind and adds longevity, praise of GOD and reinforces loyalty (to GOD). AzmavethStrong as death; Death is strong
Numbers 34:4 Bypass destruction and plan to ascend with simplicity; proceed away from destruction by entering consecration to GOD; progress to transform and remain on the (upward) path.AzmonBones, firmness
Joshua 19:34 Limitation leads to retirement where high places are established; you do well above mortal consciousness; before you depart Earthlife you achieve happiness; praise GOD of Mercy rises from the inner self and you rise above finite existence (make the ascension). Psalm 23Aznoth-TaborEars of Tabor
Not in King JamesAzrielGOD is my help (aka the angel Israel)
II Chronicles 28:7 Memory is a strong mind bearing two fruitful fields that analyze the works of GOD which rules ideas in the Soul that govern the being and GOD crowns you with creative intelligence (what we call miracles).AzrikamMy help (Soul) stood up
II Chronicles 20:31 GOD of mercy establishes proper ability that rules over praise GOD of mercy; equanimity is infinite and rules fulfillment in peace; Angel intelligence nourishes the forsaken ones with power of fertility to proceed in GOD mind.AzubahForsaken
I Kings 4:24 Equanimity possesses dominion over all on God's side of freshness from passage, the same the strong, above all rules of freshness and equanimity possesses peace all around the inner angel.AzzahThe Strong
Numbers 34:26 Youthful attributes of followers of service are GOD preserves me, which is an ideal of strength in equanimity.Azzan Equanimity has proved to be strong
Nehemiah 10:9 Companions of Union with GOD, ONE SOUL, enter a new country, GOD's House.Azzur (*Azor)One Soul has been helped

*Azor (inferred to mean upper)

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