The Eye of LoveBible Glossary: Many of the words used by indigenous peoples, original peoples of the world, have meanings beyond identification association. With this glossary, I hope to convey the deeper meaning of Biblical names along with scriptural verses. This section begins with Anab and ends with Arza. The links on each page direct you to new sections. Please feel free to write me and share the meanings you may have, especially concerning the barren spaces in this document. Thanks for coming, Form: Comments are welcome Response Form.
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In Modern English (American)Word or NameDefinition
Joshua 11:21 Salvation comes and prevents aggression from threatening free association supporting the Holy Spirit and removes all obstruction that inhibits praising the GOD of mercy and unblocks passage to rule with GOD; salvation destroys uncontrolled energies completely.AnabGrape
Genesis 36:2 Safety among mortals possess assistance of the fertility in home life; interior decorations assist the fertility of the tree of life for Earthlings and fertilizes mastery to get answers through joy of deep meditation. Psalm 47AnahAnswer
Joshua 19:18, 19 Restrictions GOD sows on the hips reduce mental conflict, providing tranquility and answers from the depths of the Soul.AnaharathGorge, deep answer
Nehemiah 8:4 Help from GOD of mercy surrounds the being inner and outer with: gifts of GOD, inner perceptions, merciful responses, Holy Spirit, portion of GOD, works of GOD, redemption, humility, righteous judgment, GOD Mind and friends of GOD.Anaiah Yahweh answered
Deuteronomy 2:11 Aggression is gigantic and sperm (genetics) empowers it to encite fear.Anak, AnakimLong or strong necked, Forceful
II Kings 17:31 Ruin distorts vision and causes contention in children.Anam MelechAnu is King
Genesis 10:13 The order of passage reveals aim for the light, unify thought, know your progeny and be refreshed.Anamim Son of Egypt; Ideal of double mindedness; idea of conscious and unconscious awareness
Nehemiah 10:9 and 10:25 In union with the Most High are GOD of mercy is my companion, gentleness, and invisibility (angels).AnanCloud (GOD speaks through the cloud)-invisibility
I Chronicles 3:24 Godly ideals of GOD of Mercy are my eyes are: Praise GOD, GOD leads back, GOD of Mercy performs wonders, protector, GOD is merciful, Enter path of GOD of mercy, Equanimity hears my desire through the cloudiness of my thoughts, fulfillment.AnaniCloudy; He heard me; Equanimity hears me (my desire) through the cloudiness of my thoughts
Acts 9:17 GOD of mercy hears me. With angel energy I enter and provide wholeness to the seeking companion. By the law of salvation which appears to you on your journey for progress in GOD mind, you may see and be complete with the spiritual attributes of wholeness.Ananiah / AnaniasGOD of Mercy heard me; Yahweh has dealt graciously (GOD is Gentle)
Judges 3:31 Follow angels GOD has given, God's ideals of answers to prayer which enhance personal refinements of minds leading to fulfillment with persistence and equanimity liberates rulers with GOD.AnathAnswer to prayer
I Chronicles 6:60 Attributes of proper ability surround lofty answers in darkness and all energies of relative values for integration into GOD Mind.AnathothAnswer
Acts 1:13 The Father with Faith and Quiet increase and God's gentleness God's cultivator, Logical analysis, Twin ideas, A rank of honor, Gift of GOD of Mercy, Quiet increase, GOD's ideal of Transforming and Perception of Zeal with praise GOD of mercy, companion of Quiet increase.AndrewCultivator
I Chronicles 6:72, 73 Attributes of employment are being inundated with loftiness.AnemFountains
I Chronicles 6:70 Results of remembering good are youth surrounded by fertility, capturing the mind with fruitful ideas and are related to ideals of the Soul which is inner GOD.AnerYouth
I Chronicles 7:14, 19 Ideas of GOD makes me remember good are all knowing power, modest company, possessing strength to support people of IAM (Christ)AniamIAM a people; IAM an uncle; mourning of people
Joshua 15:50 Salvation energy is spiritual, perceptive and springs ready to act.AnimSprings
Luke 2:36 Prophecy comes with gentleness and fertility of facing GOD with attributes of happiness; works of GOD are old as GOD and possess cultivating fulfillment in the purity of the Soul. Philippians 3:1AnnaGrace
Matthew 13:20 Inner equanimity receives ideas through the physical ear and at the same time perceives truth and immediately rejoices.AnonImmediately
Acts 13:1 Presently blending with GOD and driven against custom, certain prophets and teachers of a father's shelter having perception empowered with depths (darkness, black, hidden), light of pleasantness, and comfort, rise with flashes of insight into God's 4 arches (4th dimension), and pursuits.AntiochDriven against proselytes/customary
Acts 23:31 Then the soldiers, as it was commanded them, took Paul, and brought him by night in place of father.AntipatrisIn place of father
I Chronicles 4:8 Thorn (protection) brings spiritual protection (hair protects skin) with inner child and relative values of ideals of exaltationAnubGrape; With a moustache
Ezra 6:6 Presently, gifts govern star of splendor beyond wormwood and your fellowship (friendship): causing divisiveness (and) do not enter remorse. Revelations 8:11 ApharsachitesDivisive
Ezra 4:9 Merciful, compassionate writing adds a little sunshine to records and Godly Souls rest with friends; judges divisiveness, officials, secretaries, lengthy (longevity), rule confusion, lilies, That is great beings.ApharsitesSecretaries
I Kings 20:26 Ideals of GOD of Light counts prisoners and climbs to the fortress in conflict with Rulers with GOD. {egos resist GOD}Aphekbed of brooks or river, fortress
Joshua 15:48, 53 Achieve mastery in peace that allows fruitful ideas to flow from the fortress of GOD.Aphekah bed of brooks or river of GOD, fortress of GOD
I Samuel 9:1 Presently a mind of proper ability, a Soul empowered with gifts is an ideal of GOD is father, bundles ideas of the precepts of GOD with good concentration skills and possessing a strong mind.AphiahForehead
Micah 1:10 Do not command the spirit to be sorrowful as you choose to immerse yourself in mortality.AphrahHouse of dust
I Chronicles 2:21 Liberal Ideals bring jumping and sensitivity; jumping departs without followers and ideas of sensitivity are salvation.Appaim Nostrils; sense
Deuteronomy 2:9 GOD's Law communicates that procreation is not contentious; you are not to rely on procreation as an eternal process; pursue the gift of free will.Ar City; energy
Joshua 15:52 Ambush, silence and permanent settlements support energies of life (survival).ArabAmbush / lay in wait
Joshua 18:18 Pass by infertility or sorrow in the unconscious.Arabah / Arabia Dry, infertile area; wilderness; unconscious; evening; ravens
Not in King James, by reference: 1 Kings 17:4 You drink freshness and I command patience to feed you. ArabimSpirit of ambush / lay in wait / ravens
Not in King JamesArahOx, traveller
I Chronicles 7:34 Ideals of brilliance are friendship, self expression, sacred places in the heart and exaltation.AramExaltation
Genesis 36:28 Godly followers of Plainsmen are replacements for persistence (one must persist whether climbing God's mountain or living on level ground - the spiritual work is the same)Aran Ibex, wild goat, follower of shelter bedding
Genesis 8:4 The vessel rested in the time of fulfillment in the eternal day of the seasonal cycle above the valleys of the Earth (above depression = mountains).AraratEnergy of Tranquility
Joshua 15:13 Being teachable is an ideal of appeasing awareness, a gift of equanimity within the followers of the people of praise the GOD of mercy in the order of the Law of GOD which is salvation, the same is the energy of stability, the divine parent of assertiveness is the power of social harmony.Arba4; four
I Chronicles 11:32 My greatness is fresh when rising and falling noisily with GOD the father, GOD's desert house.ArbathiteDesert house
Numbers 26:40 Ideals of Equanimity surrounding you are humility and pleasantness; humility is a relative value of modesty and pleasantness is a relative value of harmony.Ard Hunchbacked, humble, modest
Numbers 26:17 Humility is relative to modesty which is similar to being carried in GOD's energy.AreliGOD is my city; GOD is my energy; Carried in GOD's City; Carried in GOD's Energy
I Kings 4:13 Ideals of heroes in the tough climb to GOD are GOD shines in angels; an ideal of remembering good in hard times; inner angels preserve triune being with positive energies which insulate the being.ArgobMound of Earth
Esther 9:9 Newborns make a fist first and at best are the delight of GOD, possessing telepathic communication (drawing mental sustenance from the environment).AridaiDelight of a GOD
Esther 9:8 Affluence is decorated with the Highness of GOD and is a gift of GOD.AridathaGiven by a GOD
II Kings 15:25 Awareness is a chief attribute of decorum in GOD of mercy and works against reincarnation in ruling over carnal tendencies and bravery to tackle mountain climbing; equanimity removes bravado and rules in the angel society.AriehLion
Ezra 8:16 Progress with GOD's help with holy courage for GOD of mercy listens to GOD's gift of peace and GOD's gift provides Mind of GOD to align superior minds in the order of understanding; GOD's gift provides comprehension to mental processes.ArielGOD's lion
Daniel 2:14 GOD is judge responds with advice and works of GOD to the Soul, guardian and captain of the crown of consciousness which removes opposition to Holy performances in the minds of confusion.AriochSoul; Servant of the Moon GOD
Esther 9:9 Strong fisted; the very first (newborns make a fist first), courage of distinction, delight of GOD, Telepathy.ArisaiLion of my banners, Courage of distinction
Philemon 1:24 Ability of one that persists in best rules doing the works of GOD for people, belong to GOD and are our coworkers in the things of Christ.AristarchusBest rule(r)
Genesis 8:4 The vessel rested in the time of fulfillment in the eternal day of the seasonal cycle above the valleys of the Earth (above depression = mountains).ArkVessel, body
Genesis 10:13 Order engenders visions, self realization, and simplicity.ArkiteShip builder, self realization
II Samuel 21:8 The crown of consciousness tolerates duplicity of consciousness that comes with contention and causes crying, the Inner Image of GOD carries the seeker to destroy idolatry; Truth is easy to acquire and fertilizes the seeking Soul that reaches up to GOD's help which is an ideal of strength in standing with GOD.ArmoniBorn in Armon; castle
I Chronicles 3:21 Ideals of gentleness in GOD's mercy are mercy performs wonders when you are forgiving; GOD's ideals of wholeness are resilience, purity in your service, and do well in the power of GOD's mercy.ArnanQuick
Numbers 26.17 Humility is related to modesty which is similar to being carried in GOD's energy.ArodHumpbacked, slouch; humility
Numbers 32:34 Followers of good fortune establish intelligent blessings planted with blossoming ideas of GOD mind.AroerJuniper
Ezra 4:9 Inscribe merciful appoint political officer little sunshine writes GODly peace of Souls companions, judge divisiveness, officials, secretaries, confusion, lilies, that is heights (their heaps).ApharsathchitesCause division
Ezra 4:9 Inscribe merciful appoint political officer little sunshine writes GODly peace of Souls companions, judge divisiveness, officials, secretaries, confusion, lilies, that is heights (their heaps).ApharsitesSecretaries
Ezra 4:7 Light in the kingdom of right use of the Law of love inscribes peace within, gifts of knowledge, GOD is good and quietness leading to dominion of righteousness; ArtaxerxesKingdom of Righteousness
I Kings 4:10 Godly ideas of gentleness are sensitivity; angels protect all areas of wellness (Archangel Raphael).ArubbothSmoke hole; chimney
Judges 9:41 My Father is Ruler does well in exaltation; Exaltation removes tendencies to neglect GOD.ArumahExalted, height
Ezekiel 27:8 Godly residents of settlements of nomads navigate; employ inner wisdom, perfect rainbow,ArvadWandering
I Kings 16:9 Inner angel serves to protect GOD's chosen; conscious minds carry ideas against angel beings while inner minds absorb friendship with the works of GOD; drink spiritual sustenance as an Earthling provides protection and service from GOD.ArzaWood worm; Earthiness

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