The Eye of LoveBible Glossary: Many of the words used by indigenous peoples, original peoples of the world, have meanings beyond identification association. With this glossary, I hope to convey the deeper meaning of Biblical names along with scriptural verses. This section begins with Adah and ends with Agur. The links on each page direct you to new sections. Please feel free to write me and share the meanings you may have, especially concerning the barren spaces in this document. Thanks for coming, Form: Comments are welcome Response Form.
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In Modern English (American)Word or NameDefinition
I Corinthians 16:15 I request my companions to acknowledge Christ consciousness (crown) that is the firstfruits of river of GOD of mercy and attachment to serve kindhearted ones.AchaiaRiver of Yahweh, River of GOD of Mercy, Christ Consciousness
I Corinthians 16:17 I am glad of the entrance of the Crown of Consciousness and Heavenly fortunes and the Rivers of hidden secrets (inner mind).AchaicusRiver of darkness (hidden secrets)
Joshua 7:1 River of Answers tolerates the accursed thing (vs. 7:11 tolerate the curse of stealing and cheating ).AchanRiver of Answers
1Chronicles 2:7 Godly ideals of my spiritual growth (vineyard) are spiritual conflict (trouble) of ruling with GOD that imposes on affairs of mortality.AcharOne who troubles
Matthew 1:9 Salvation brings Perfect Mercy of Holy Angels which brings rivers of saving grace which brings strength of GOD.AchazRiver of Help
Genesis 36:38 Quest departs and gentleness of GOD is the ideal of being gregarious which rules in place of asking.AchborMouse; gregarious
Matthew 1:14 The Spiritual Kingdoms bring right use of the Law of love which is proper which brings River of Angels (Jacob's Ladder) which brings Equanimity of GOD Genesis 28:12.AchimRiver of Angels
I Kings 2:39 ...two servants of prayer hurried within, the ideal of purity in the crown of consciousness of the spirit self. Matthew 22:37AchishInner River
Hosea 2:15 I choose to provide fertile vineyards and the depression of trouble leads to the entrance of happy expectations. Achor Trouble, Affliction, Taboo
I Chronicles 1:49 Fertility of loyalty is ornamentation. Achsah Bangle, Ankle ornament
Judges 1:12 To Angels I choose GOD's ornamental gift of fertility to help.Achsah Bangle, Ankle ornament
Joshua 11:1 GOD rules place of sorcery (magic/chance)AchshaphPlace of Sorcery
Micah 1:14 The houses of deceit are a lie to Leaders of Rulers with GOD.Achzib Deceitful
I Samuel 14:14 and Isaiah 5:10 which gives us a definition of Biblical weights and measures. AcreTeam of Oxen - what it plows an hour
Genesis 4:19 GOD's power of ONE is Adornment.AdahAdornment, ornament
Joshua 15:22 Lamentation, spirit of GOD and boundary (limitations or restrictions)AdadahFestival, boundary
II Chronicles 23:1 Work of GOD is GOD's ideal of the Decoration of Mercy.AdaiahYahweh has adorned; GOD of Mercy adorns
Romans 5:14 Death rules from the creation of mortal consciousness to the drawing of the inner mind into manifest destiny. AdamMan, Mind, Individual Consciousness
Joshua 19:36 GOD's country is a sheltered society; the Soul is a sheltered land of fertility.Adamah Soil, farmland, GOD's Country
Ezekiel 3:9 Diamond hard I make your countenance; disregard looks from rebellious houses.Adamant Harder than flint, stone, diamond hard
Joshua 19:33 Metes and bounds outside of Jordan; also means passing into the higher worlds from mortal consciousness.AdamiRed Earth Pass
Esther 9:1 Presently, in cycles of physical beings, 4th dimensional mind is equal to ruling with order and angel messages are executed to provide power over those that oppose your good.Adar12th month
Genesis 25:13 An ideal of perceiving GOD is hearing GOD's invitation. AdbeelGOD invites
I Chronicles 8:3 GOD's ideal of the tolerance of Equanimity is like a threshing floor, let peace tear it to shreds.AddarThreshing Floor/tear to shreds
Luke 3:28 God's ideal of my Soul rules my Noble purpose is God's ideal of adornment, God's ideal of divinity, GOD's ideal of measurement, God's ideal of vigilance. AddiAdornment
Ezra 2:59 Another group returns to possession of peace presently from industry of Mound of salt, Mound of the forest; mound of magic, blessing, strong firmness, and domestic tranquility; Godly choices do not prove Genesis of ruling with GOD.AddanStrong, firm
Nehemiah 7:61 One who could not prove a personal lineage with Rulers with GOD; a refinement that is not realized as a power of rulers with GOD (self-made).AddonThreshing Floor
I Chronicles 9:12 (Doing the) Work of GOD is the ideal of GOD as an ornament. Adiel An ornament is GOD
Ezra 8:6 God's ideals of bliss are service, God's ideal of GOD of mercy gives and with angels are projections of fortitude (50 = spiritual ease)AdinDelightful, blissful, luxuriant, effeminate
I Chronicles 11:42 Delight is the ideal of Friendship and noteworthy in friends of people and is a friend of angels, which is also luxuriant.AdinaDeightful, luxuriant
II Samuel 23:8 A strong mind in the Soul of luxury that loves valor (value) AdinoLoving, Luxury
Joshua 15:36 The energies of high mindedness with insulation. Adithaim Elevated Place
I Chronicles 27:29 Above crowds that eat plainly are officers of Love which is simplicity and above pressure of crowds Equanimity discerns ideals of witnesses. (In the place of death which is above 3 dimensions, one is judged by thoughts and feelings of self in others based on self behaviors towards others in thought, feeling and action.)AdlaiWitness
Hosea 11:8 How shall I (Eternal One) make thee as blood and dust; or, make finite existence permanent? Proverbs 3:20-21AdmahRed Soil
Esther 1:14 GOD is True is a wise mind of the king of kings, lord of lords.AdmathaUnconquered
Ezra 10:29 Governor of sperm or sexual energy is a governor of the joy of living (sexual transmutation).AdnaJoy of Living
Judges 1:5 They found the law of lightning in the lightning; find fragments of the whole inside the whole.Adoni-BezekLord of Bezek, Law of Bezek, lightning, fragments (fragmented), in the chain(s)
II Samuel 3:4 GOD's Law is the ideal of celebrating life as a feast.Adonijah Yah is Lord, GOD is Law
Ezra 2:13 The sons of GOD ascend and pass through the universe (finite existence).AdonikamThe Lord has arisen, GOD has risen, GOD ascends.
I Kings 4:6 Exaltation of GOD is the chief attribute of the ideals of GOD. AdoniramThe Lord is Exalted
Not found in King James but comes from the GreekAdonisGOD of Vegetation, Fertility
Joshua 10:1 Right use of the law of love rules peace and perceives salvation.Adoni-ZedekThe Lord is Righteous, The Law is Right Use of Love
I Chronicles 11:9 Ruling authorities build on energies to double or fortify strength in praising the GOD of Mercy.Adoraim Double Strength
I Kings 12:18 Ruling authorities enlarge the people and progress the exaltation of the Lord and governs the inner attributes of the Soul.AdoramThe Lord is Exalted
II Kings 17:31 Children are ruined in the fires of false beliefs.Adrammelech Adra is King
Acts 27:27 We were driven up and down in my helper (or the Adriatic Sea) {Life's ups and downs}.Adria My Helper
I Samuel 18:19 Wisdom is a gift of GOD that helps the place of dancing (celebration). Adriel GOD is my help
Genesis 38:1 Praise the GOD of mercy turns you into a sealed off place. AdullamSealed off place
Joshua 15:7 Rise in the presence of mortal consciousness.AdummimRed ones
Acts 11:28 Locust receives and delivers a message by the Spirit.Agabus *Locust
I Samuel 15:8 Equanimity tolerates pressures of impulsive behavior in believers of trouble and allows them their ways. AgagFiery one, Impulse
Esther 9:24 Magnificence is the ideal of gift of GOD: intemperance opposes the people of praise and chooses to consume souls and destroy good choices;AgagiteFiery ones, impulsive people
Not in King James, used by reference: 1 Corinthians 10:21 You cannot drink the cup of the Law of Love and the cup of doing evil; you cannot assimilate the bread of heaven at the table of vice.AgapeLove Feast
Galatians 4:24 (23) An allegory: two covenants; one from mount Sinai (heights of clarity), which leads to bondage, which is strange power or ungodlike. Genesis 16:8-9AgarOne of strange power
II Samuel 23:11 Following the perception of inner equanimity of fear and astonishment, the ideal of persevering in discipline is a similitude of mountain climbing.AgeeCamel thorn
Not in King James but defined as: sayings of Jesus not in the canonical gospels but found in other New Testament or early Christian writingsAgraphaUnwritten things
Deuteronomy 28:22 Violation of the Law of love brings many illnesses (feeling a lack of completeness).AgueBurning with fever
Proverbs 30:1 The words of a hired hand is the ideal of prudence the same is prophecy.AgurHired Hand

*Note: Locust (led by the invisible powers, having no community or home leader, having assigned no domestic authority, and are free from social or hierarchical encumbrances or political offices)

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